New Player Info/Giveaway Generic Munzee Postcards - 5 Pack

New Player Info/Giveaway Generic Munzee Postcards - 5 Pack

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Munzee - 5-Pack Munzee New Player Info Post Cards Giveaways
The image shows three, but this is a 5-Pack.

Have you ever met someone while Munzeeing who has asked you
What are you doing?
And when you try to explain, their eyes either glaze over or they become very un-focused.

Here's the perfect item to give to those folks who show an interest.

I call them Munzee New Player Info Post Cards.

Each 4x6 inch card give a quick blurb about what Munzee is, where to learn more, and how to download the app. Each card also contains 10 generic Munzees which can be cut out and then deployed.

Great item to give to friends who don't have a clue as to what you're doing with all those crazy QR codes they see you taking pictures of. Super way to ease into conversations with random people you meet while playing Munzee out in the world. Give them a card, help them download the app and show them how to deploy one of the codes on the card, then they're off and running.

Every player should have a couple of these in their kit to give away when the time is right.

This lot consists offive post cards, that's 50 Generic Munzees. Do the math, you might just want to buy these to use yourself.