Fine Jewelry

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Gold 'n Coins has a large selection of fine gold and silver jewelry, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, charms, and watches. We deal in 14k gold or better, as well as Sterling silver. Here, you'll find Indian silver, solid gold bracelet charms, Rolex watches, prospector gold nuggets, and more. Our prices are very competitive, so come by today for that perfect item at a reasonable price!

We also buy as well as extend loans for your pure gold and silver jewelry and name-brand watches. Whether you have complete pieces or they're completely in pieces, we're buyers!

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Your Trustworthy Pawn Shop

If you have jewelry that you don't want to say goodbye to, but are in need of cash, consider pawning your treasures. Gold 'n Coins is a registered Pawn Broker, and if you are over 18 years old with a picture ID (passport, driver's license), you can obtain a loan on your jewelry items. Want your items back? Simply pay the amount with an interest charge within four months, or pay only the interest and extend your pay off for an additional four months!

Bring your items in today for a fair estimate. We're here to help!